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Single Sermon CD's - $7.00 donation each
Ronnie's Testimony
How Not to Dwell in Hell Matthew 7:15-23
Three Doors to Hell Luke 16:19-31
Honey in the Lion Judges 14:8-9
Wolves Acts 20:28-31
On the Way to a Funeral Luke 7:11-16
Destroying Discouragement Nehemiah 4:5-15
Standing in the Pea Patch II Samuel 23:11-12
God is a Moving-On God Mark 6:4-6
The Sower Matthew 13:3-8
God Specializes in Hopeless Cases John 9:1-5
Tickled to Death to Die Psalm 23:4

Box Set Sermon CD's - $30.00 donation each
Spiritual Warfare Romance in the Smokies Psalm 23

DVD's - $20.00 donation each
Ronnie's Testimony
Tickled to Death to Die Psalm 23:4

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Camp Jubilee
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